1204. “If the bombs don’t kill me, starvation will” – Mahmoud Mushtaha in Gaza City

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CW: This podcast contains subject matter that some listeners might find upsetting.
In this important Echo Chamber Podcast, Tony speaks with Irish-Palestinian, Zak Hania, who is in Rafah and young journalist, Mahmoud Mushtaha, who remains in Gaza City.
They talk about the ongoing Israeli military bombardment and what is happening now where they are. Zak explains how everyone is losing hope and lacks the energy to keep going and Mahmoud outlines a scene of destruction, starvation, sickness and desolation that should only exist in dystopian novels and not in his lived reality.
Note: We play out with CiarĂ¡n Moran’s performance of his song ‘It’s OK’ from Podcasts for Palestine as I just needed to hear it after these conversations. I’ve also lifted the paywall as I think it’s important not to sit on this one.
Check him out here:https://open.spotify.com/track/1XNvcmBEN13UHcyAu0hw1u?si=fd8c340428f64d1e
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