1250. Losing Doctors from the Health Service because of our Visa System

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When our friend and previous guest, Paediatrician Dr Liqa Ur Rehman posted online about the plight of a Psych Doctor, who has had his family reunification visa rejected and is now waiting over 3 years to see his wife and child, we were appalled, but not surprised.
So joining us alongside Dr Ur Rehman, on this very important podcast, are three doctors who wanted to share their own experiences of the Irish immigration system. Dr X, a Registrar in Limerick, has not seen her family in over two years and has again been denied a visa to bring them here, she is now leaving Ireland and we are losing her and colleagues like her because of our unfair and all too often unworkable immigration system.
Something has to change.
The latest from Spain and the Lawfare Scandal is out now here:

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