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13. Policed – The Water Protests

The Policed Podcast Bernie Hughes speaks to us this week about her involvement in the water protests and how these were policed. We look at the class based nature of this social movement, the nature of their concerns at the Garda role and behaviour, as well as the long term consequences. Dr Laurence Cox of NUI Maynooth helps us to explore these issues, and how this fits in the broader scheme of Irish protests.

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  1. Re. Assistant Commissioner Pat Clavin.

    Dr. Conway,

    Please now reply to my letter of 19/10/20, addressed to you at the Policing Authority.
    It asked you just one simple question, viz, did the PA CEO, Helen Hall, bring my correspondence to your attention, as I had asked of her?
    You can publish whatever you like. I intend to.

    Raymond KIilbride, 252 NCR, D7.

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