137. Investor Fund Build-to-Rent Dystopia in Drumcondra: what is wrong with it & what you can do

This Reboot Republic podcast discusses the problems with the Build-to-Rent developments being proposed and developed in Ireland by global investment funds. This podcast is about the future of this city and country- it is about what type of homes are being built for Generation Rent and how global real estate investment funds are turning homes into profit maximising commodities. Rory talks to architects Rob Curley & Alfonso Bonilla about what are the issues with the proposed build-to-rent development by real estate fund Hines for Drumcondra in Dublin. They explain the problems with the design – the lack of liveable units, the absence of units to buy, and the conversion of housing into assets – asset urbanism. They also explain how you can make an observation to An Bord Pleanala – on the development (see HERE for how to do it) talk about Hines’ attempt to silence Rory, and we read out your proposed alternative names for vulture funds.

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