14. Gaza – Heartbreak and Heroism with Journalist, Aseel Mousa

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Helena Cobban of Just World Educational and Tony Groves of the Tortoise Shack send their deep condolences to the inspiring leader of our PalCast project, Dr. Yousef Aljamal, on the death of his father within the past few hours, in Gaza, Palestine. We are heartbroken for our dear friend, Yousef and his family.
After Yousef told us of his sad news, and at his urging, we decided to proceed with today’s episode. Partly because there have been some very noteworthy developments in recent days regarding the genocide in Gaza, including the application the ICC Prosecutor says he has made for arrest warrants of Netanyahu, Gallant, and three Hamas leaders. And also because we really wanted to hear from our special guest, Aseel Mousa, an experienced Palestinian journalist who reported from Gaza for the past few years and through the first five months of the genocide, prior to being evacuated to Cairo in March. Aseel talked to us about the challenges of her work in Gaza prior to evacuation, the challenges of the life she now faces in Egypt, and her hopes for the future.
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Yousef has dedicated this piece to his father:https://inthesetimes.com/article/education-gaza-palestine-students-israel-teachers-refaat-debt-been-decimated-but-the-spirit-of-refaat-alareer-will-prevail

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