16. Israel at the ICJ and Mapping Out a Return to Gaza

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Note: The intro is Irish comedian, actor and activist, Tadhg Hickey
Palestinian refugees have always been mapping their return, but today they are also mapping their displacement in Gaza due to genocide, death and domicide. Today on the PalCast, the meaning of homeless and houselessness is deeper. The world is watching as Israel wages its war on not only Palestinians, but also their memories, with some becoming refugees for the second time in their life.
Dr. Nour Joudeh shares her thoughts not only on refugees, homelessness, houselessness, geography, South Africa’s case against Israel, but also her personal story as a descendent of a refugee from Gaza with PalCast co-hosts, Yousef Aljamal, Helena Cobban and Tony Groves, by connecting what’s happening in Gaza with other struggles around the world. Please listen to this engaging and informative podcast.
And get out and show solidarity!

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