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16. Policed – Patrick and Catherine Barry

The Policed Podcast This week we talk with Patrick and Catherine Barry, who share with us their story of their son, Stuart, who died in 2017. Stuart suffered from mental illness, and took his own life days after an arrest. In this episode we hear of their experiences with the Gardaí and how they believe Stuart was failed on that night. We also speak with Dr Ian Cummins of the University of Salford about the wider question of the policing of mental health.

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  1. My heart goes out to Patrick and Catherine Barry on the loss of their young son in these horrendous circumstances, when those in the power of health and safety of all persons should be paramount, but the Garda failed miserably in their duty of care to Stuart R.I.P my condolences to the family on the loss of their son.
    But this corruption in the police force does not surprise me. Major changes need to be made to protect the lives of our vulnerable mental health citizens. But will this happen don’t think so; unless they learn or are trained in compassion.
    My family went through a horrendous issue with our powers to be in this country.

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