166. This is the Tsunami of Evictions: Child and Family Homelessness is Not Normal

This Reboot Republic podcast talks to Louise Bayliss Campaigns Coordinator with Focus Ireland, and spokesperson for Spark, and Rory reads his recent article on child and family homelessness from the Irish Examiner. Louise and Rory discus the latest homelessness figures that show rising child and family homelessness, the changing classification of data and how this is hiding the rising child homelessness and lone parent homelessness. They also discuss the impact of homelessness on children and family, and the trauma of it and discuss why this is happening – with the removal of the eviction ban, the growing gap between HAP limits and rents and family and lone parents being unable to afford the top-ups, and the solutions – bring back the eviction ban for three years, increase the HAP limits to cover the rent. They discuss why it is important not to normalise family and child homelessness.

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