174. Hope in a City Divided – Belfast Take Back The City

This Reboot Republic discusses the housing and homelessness crisis in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the work being done to develop a community based cooperative housing plan by the Take Back the City Coalition which Rory is part of.

Rory talks to Marissa McMahon, who lives and works in Belfast as a project organiser on inequality in housing with the Participation and Practice of Rights (PPR), Ruairi Mc Cann of the Rabble cooperative which is providing specialised technological services to voluntary, public and private organisations, and Dr Hugh Ellis, Director of Policy at the Town and Country Planning Alliance, and co-author of The Art of Building a Garden City’. They set out the new digital map of Belfast that will include public land, developments and housing potential that will be launched on December 8th at the Take Back the City Event in Belfast, the challenges of sectarian division, the housing and homelessness need in communities, and a vision and determination for a right to housing and sustainable homes to be delivered for all in Belfast.

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