181. An Inspirational Story: Surviving Direct Provision with Bulelani Mfaco

This Reboot Republic talks with Bulelani Mfaco, activist, educator, and asylum seeker living in Ireland in Direct Provision since 2017. Bulelani tells his story from growing up in Apartheid South Africa to his housing activism and why he could not return due to violence against the LGBT community. He also explains the positive impact of the right to housing in the South African Constitution, what home means to him, the necessity of safety and how direct provision is not home. He also explains why language matters and how the Government is using the language of direct provision but leaving many problems central to direct provision in place. He also talks hope, values and resilience. An incredible human story, an incredible guy. Bulelani is also a spokesperson for MASI, the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland, and he explains how you can support them at www.masi.ie

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