182. Rising Homelessness: What Can Be Done To Stop It

This Reboot Republic talks to Wayne Stanley, Head of Policy and Communications with the Simon Communities of Ireland about their proposal for the Government to introduce a measure to prevent renters from homelessness. Rory also talks to Laoise Neylon, journalist with the Dublin Inquirer about the recent rise in deaths in homelessness services and the lack of regulation of standards in private homeless hostels, while the podcast finishes with Rory reading his latest Op-ed in the Irish Examiner on why the Government should re-introduce a temporary 6 month ban on evictions.

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  1. You Hit the Button…re: DCc…retreated from provision, of housing….(not in 2018) but Long ago…to Private hostels:..The point re: coming from state care..ending up as homeless…and drug use…is totally inexcusable to say. Indeed, if a mother ( with child._ren) has used drugs, does it imply, they be separated, (how long for) and who takes responsibilty for such action. Moreso, where are they to be (separetely housed). Regard to the Legal issues too. I read Microsoft..gained 222 billion (ire) and not paid any tax. Had they paid, thered be Lots of cash….tbat could be usesd to Do Up the Ghost estates . …and the 300,000 houses built in celtic tiger times. Its So easy for (arrogant people) to speak about Homelessness.&. yet, make all kinds of accusations, re: who does not do what should be done….with very little insight…(much less, a cure) .into the realities….that exist…in Ire.

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