191. Lisa’s Story: This is Me and My Daughter’s Home, We Will Not be Evicted into Homelessness

In this Reboot Republic podcast Rory talks to Lisa from Kerry, who is facing eviction from her rented home of twelve years in June. Lisa’s story captures everything that is wrong with Ireland’s broken housing system.

A self employed beautician with a 16 year old daughter, she is currently supported by the Rental Accomodation Scheme (RAS). AIB sold her home this year at auction, and she tried to buy it but was outbid by someone buying it as an investment. Now she faces eviction but there is no where affordable to rent or buy. She is upset. This is her home. She is determined that she will not be evicted into homelessness and will not move until Kerry Council finds somewhere appropriate. Lisa also talks about the stigmatisation and discrimination she experiences from the council, welfare, and banks, as someone parenting alone, being made feel like she is ‘shit on the bottom of someone’s shoe’. She is right. Housing is a human right. Something has to radically change.

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