194. Ukraine More United Than Ever with Zola Kondur

In this Reboot Republic we are joined by Human Rights Activist, a Founding Member of Roma Women Chiricli and member of the Ukrainian Roma community, Zola Kondur. Zola tells us how she left Ukraine hours before the invasion began to be with her son in Berlin. She describes the impact the invasion has had on her friends, family and colleagues. We discuss the peace talks and what she feels about the future of her country. Zola, a human rights activist of many years, discusses the issues experienced at the borders by people of colour and the undocumented and she advocates for an end to this discrimination.

She also makes a plea in Russian for mothers not to send their children to die for Putin.

Donate: https://redcross.org.ua/en/2022/02/donate-to-support-the-ukrainian-red-cross-to-help-civilians-in-this-difficult-time-for-ukraine/

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