198. A Right to Housing in the Constitution? What Difference Would it Make?

This podcast discusses the issue of putting the Right to Housing in the Constitution. The Housing Commission is discussing the potential of a referendum on this, so Rory, along with Aoife Kelly Desmond, Managing Solicitor with the Mercy Law Centre, make the case in this podcast for that Referendum to be one to insert the Right to Adequate Housing in the Constitution. Aoife sets out what this would mean, the wording it should be, and what impact it would have. Rory then outlines the areas this could make a real difference, in homelessness, in banning evictions in the private rental sector, in tackling issues of vacancy and dereliction – and ultimately in creating a national societal determination – set out in our Constitution to make housing a human right for all, and the obligation on the state and Government to make that happen. Check out more on www.homeforgood.ie
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