2. The Death of Aaron Bushnell and Israel’s Depopulation Plan for Palestine

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(CW: This podcast opens with the audio of Aaron Bushnell’s selm-immolation. Please skip to 3 minutes if you don’t want to hear it)
Forcible depopulation of Gaza has been on Israel’s agenda since 1948. Hadeel Assali, a scholar at Colombia, discusses Israel’s plans, both public and secret, to push out and punish Palestinians in Gaza.
In 1969, her uncle was sent on a one way ticket to Latin America as part of a scheme to send 60,000 Palestinian refugees to Uruguay and Latin America. The scheme failed, but Hadeel’s family is scattered all over the world. Meanwhile, regional and global developments vis-a-vis the Gaza genocide continue with an American air serviceman Aaron Bushnell self-immolating in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington DC in protest of the Gaza genocide. Yousef Aljamal, Helena Cobban, Tony Groves join in to speak about these developments in this PalCast episode.
Outro Music is ‘The Fields of Palestine’ performed by Fieldsy
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