2. The Small Trans Library, Dublin

In this episode Jules and Alexandra are joined by Greta – from The Small Trans Library Dublin, a lending library of trans-authored books for trans people. We talk about the great work they as a community resource raising money for trans people who are out or work or need struggling. The Importance of global care and assistance in making the world better for trans people all the world in doing so the have fund for a safe house in Nigeria and are assisting with Quest 9JA in helping trans Nigerians accessing trans affirming healthcare. As we had Greta, a literary connoisseur we had to ask her about the inherent queerness of zine, how she found her own community in the small trans library & how her studies as a law student are deeply influenced by her own transness and desire to help other queer people. The fraught nature of searching for housing taking in safety and stability. You can donate HERE to The Small Trans Library Dublin to help them continue all their great work.

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