206. European Independent Living Day

Why we need Personal Assistant Services with James Cawley of ILMI

This Reboot Republic talks to the always wonderful James Cawley, policy officer with Independent Living Movement Ireland (ILMI) and proud disabled person, about the ILMI’s campaign for Personal Assistant Services for disabled people, to be available as a right.
The ILMI is led by disabled people and James explains how it promotes a rights-based social model of disability, challenging the charity/medical view of disability. James outlines the barriers in society such as the lack of Personal Assistant Services that prevent the active and equal participation of disabled people. We also discuss how the housing crisis has a particular impact on disabled people who face additional costs of living.
The podcast is released to mark European Independent Living Day and the ILMI is hosting a webinar today about their campaign for Personal Assistant Services. Check out ILMI or email jamescawley@ilmi.ie to find out more.
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