210. Housing Crisis Out of Control; Supermac’s Evicting Tenants in Limerick

This Reboot Republic discusses the mass eviction of approximately 100 residents from their homes in the Shannon Arms Apartments on Henry Street in Limerick.
The evictions are being undertaken by several landlords, including Supermac’s owner and multimillionaire, Mr. Pat McDonagh. We talk to El/len Reid-Buckley, a sociologist, writer and artist based in Limerick and Communications Officer for the Limerick CATU Branch and Danny Brennan, the CATU Limerick Members Defence officer and member of Praxis: The Artist Union of Ireland.
We also hear from the tenants themselves how distressing this is, being evicted from their homes, but with the lack of rental property, there is literally no where for them to go. They will be made homeless. You can support the tenants by signing the petition:
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