212. Stopping the Investor Fund Takeover & Housing Financialisation with Leilani Farha

In this Reboot Republic Rory talks to Leilani Farha, former UN Rapporteur on the Right to Housing, and director of the Shift, the new global movement for the right to housing. Leilani and Rory discuss a new direction for housing – where housing is understood and implemented as a human right to address the global housing crisis. In particular, they discuss the financialization of housing – where governments have brought investor funds – the vulture and vampire funds – into their housing markets, only to have them take over housing stock, and increasing rents, turning a Generation into their tenants, locking them into unaffordable rents and locking them out of home ownership. Leilani introduces the new Shift Directives which she and her organization have recently developed with input from global experts, as a proposal for Governments to tackle the financialisation of housing and tame the investor-fund takeover of housing.
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