23. Gaza – Hope, Hunger and Heartbreak

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Personal stories move people and hearing them from Gaza matters even more today. PalCast founder Dr. Yousef Aljamal, shares the story of his mom and brother getting out of Gaza and their experiences of the last 120 days with his co-hosts Helena Cobban and Tony Groves.
The PSTD is clear, they lost so much weight and they now have problems eating three meals a day as they’d gotten used to eating much, much less. People’s savings are running out as food prices are too expensive, one kilo of onions costs 10-13$. You’ll also hear how Yousef’s uncle died of complications of kidney failure in Rafah, and why his extended family only found out about it days later due to blackout. Hear more stories, but remember to take action to help end the genocide in Gaza. Ceasefire Now!
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