244. Gaffs in Helsinki – Why Doesn’t Finland Have a Housing Crisis?

In this Reboot Republic, Rory talks to Dan Nickstrom, who is an Irish man living in Helsinki, Finland. We talk about how things are done in there – on healthcare (Dan’s child has scoliosis and got treatment in Finland), childcare and housing.
How do they do it? It is about the culture, the attitudes the role of the State and City Council delivering these key aspects of our lives as a social right. We talk about why there is no stigma about social housing in Finland and how they ended homelessness. There is 10,000 properties to rent in Helsinki, and 1,600 under €1,500 a month. There is just 350 to rent in Dublin and 1 under €1,600 a month. Why is this? What can we learn from what they do there? And we chat hurling in Finland, naturally. Up the Déise!
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  1. I’m a learner of English as a second language and I love listening to BBC and any podcast I stumble on. Pls I got lost listening to this podcast. Could you please let me know the theme and what the discussion is all about? I’m just interested.

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