256. Conversations at Christmas: How to Counter ‘House Our Own First’ & Other Far-Right Narratives

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This podcast will hopefully help you in chatting with family and friends over Christmas about Housing for All and challenge the blaming of refugees and the ‘house our own first’ narrative.
In this Reboot Republic podcast, Rory talks to Emily Duffy, Director of Parable Grassroots communications, about how to talk about messages and ideas, such as we can provide homes for all, and thus undercut and challenge the ‘house our own first’ and other far-right narratives blaming immigrants and asylum seekers for the housing crisis.
We discuss the need for communications, thinking about metaphors and deep seated values and messages that can connect with people, an alternative vision, connecting with values, and community, and for anger and action aimed at the actual causes of the housing crisis (Government policy of austerity and abandoning communities and social housing, private hoarding and profiteering), and the need to start with shared values and providing hope and solutions.
And of course this requires taking action – join in solidarity with East Wall for All, and on housing with Raise the Roof, CATU, and other groups taking action on housing.

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