276. Eviction Ban Crisis – Galway Academic Facing Homelessness with her Children

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In this Reboot Republic podcast, Rory talks to post-doctoral researcher in the University of Galway, Dr Faiza Alssaedi, who with her two children and partner are facing becoming homeless on the 1st May if the eviction ban is lifted.
Dr Alssaedi who has a PhD in Mathematics and works as researcher and tutor in the University of Galway, has lived in Ireland for 12 years, and Galway is her community and where her children go to school. She explains that Galway City Council told her if she is made homeless there isn’t even emergency accommodation available. She describes how she has sent thousands of emails to try find somewhere, and it is devastating her mental health. The eviction ban must be kept in place, please sign the petition at: Keep the Eviction Ban | Uplift

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