277. Lifting the Eviction Ban is the Cruelest Decision an Irish Government has ever made

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In this Reboot Republic, Rory talks with James O Toole, one of the residents of Tathony House, where 26 households face eviction in June. We talk about the fear being experienced by those facing eviction, the absence of evidence underpinning the Government’s decision to lift the ban, and we make an appeal to listeners and the public to take whatever action you can to pressure the Government to change their decision.
They must keep the eviction ban or we will see the highest number of evictions since the Famine. We discuss why local authorities are not purchasing units where tenants are in place: the ideology and bureacracy and games between the Minister, the Department and Local Authorities. This needs to be treated as an emergency – suspend the rules and keep people in their homes. We encourage tenants to join CATU, the tenants union, and protest this decision. Sign the uplift petition – to keep the ban in place (Keep the Eviction Ban | Uplift) and please share this podcast around. Thank you

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