278. Welcome to Ireland (And Homelessness)

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In this Reboot Republic podcast, Rory talks to actor and writer Jack Walsh (Killnaskully, Vikings, Penny Dreadful) about his new play, Welcome to Ireland- Meltdown of an Irish Tour Guide. This is a semi-autobiographical play about a disgruntled Irish tour guide trying to keep his head above water while in danger of losing his home. By day he sells ‘Brand Ireland’ to tourists from far and wide with enchanting tales of ceol and craic; by night, he faces the threat of eviction from his chronically damp Capel Street flat, feeling the floor falling from under his feet, with no hope of an alternative. Drawing on his own experiences, Jack says “The life of an actor, selling Ireland as a tour guide and a close shave with homelessness. I’ve put it all into a show, full of madcap characters, lots of humour and some stark home truths. Ireland without the plámás. Everyone in the Dáil should see it”.
The play is Directed by Deirdre Molloy and Produced by Connor Dudley-Fergus

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