293. Factory Built Homes

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The solution to the housing crisis the developers and banks don’t want you to know about: Factory built sustainable homes for €150,000
In this Reboot Republic, Rory talks to Building Surveyor, Fergus Merriman, about a revolutionary idea for delivering homes – mass produced factory built housing, that are sustainable and affordable. Fergus explains how it could and should be done. The developers, banks and other interests dominating housing don’t want this idea. But its time to make our housing system deliver homes for people, not assets.
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  1. How do we find out more about this? I am 44 years old and had to move back home after being abroad for 20 years. I’m going out of my mind and desperately looking for solutions……There so much great talk about how to fix the housing crisis but the people who can do something don’t seem to be listening.
    I’m so grateful for this podcast and all the guests. It gets so frustrating hearing how things can be done better and no action.

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