294. The Generation Gap

In this Reboot Republic, Rory talks to Dr Tom McDonnell, Director of the Nevin Economic Research Institute about where the Irish economy is headed, interest rates and inflation, why tax cuts just benefit those on higher incomes and will result in poorer public services, how the older generation has rigged the economy to benefit themselves, the growing intergenerational inequality (‘gerentocracy’) and social class inequality in Ireland on housing and cost of living.
We also discuss Tom’s role in the Commission on Taxation, and how its calls for wealth tax was ignored, and why it didn’t recommend tax cuts, yet that is what Fine Gael are pushing for, despite the evidence. We also discuss the president’s comments on economics as a profession, Rory’s economics background, challenging the need to challenge the ‘market is best’ mantra among economics and develop an economics based on wellbeing and sustaining the planet.
The podcast with the Muslim Sisters of Eire is out now here:

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