302. Stop Victim Blaming, Leo Varadkar

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Listen to this Leo Varadkar – The reality of life for Ireland’s working homeless
In this very important Reboot Republic Rory talks to Darren Duffy, who is working and also homeless, living in emergency accommodation in Dublin.
He explains what is the reality of life in emergency accommodation, how he has been in homelessness for 18months, and yet has never had an offer of social housing. He also explains the devastating impact homelessness has had on his mental health and how is starting to blame himself, think something is wrong with him, despite, as the facts point out, the reasons for almost all homelessness is because of the failed politics of the victim blaming Leo Varadkar and successive FF/FG Government’s policies of high rents and failing to build real social housing.
Please share this podcast, people need to hear this, and contact your local TDs and Minsiter for Housing and the Taoiseach – to take real emergency action to end homelessness and stop blaming those in homeless for their housing policy failures.
This is a powerful must listen and share podcast.

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