315. Infantalised, Confined, stagnant – Art expressing Ireland’s Generation Hidden Homeless

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In this podcast Rory talks with artist Alison Byrne about her Glass Art Installation ; Hidden Homelessness: exploring the housing crisis in Ireland. Through an evocative arrangement of 12 small glass houses, this thought-provoking artwork gives expression to the pressing issue of hidden homelessness in Ireland and its impact on individuals, couples, and families forced to live with relatives.
The imagery conveys the feeling of being trapped or confined in a tiny space, often the childhood bedroom. Alison speaks about her own experience in hidden homelessness, and brings us through the other 12 experiences, the impact on mental health, the descriptions of feeling stagnant, confined, unstable, the link between health and anxiety, infantalised, the guilt of resentment, and survival. We also talk about how such art can also be brought into forms of protesting the housing crisis. Check out Alison’s work at: Exploring the Housing Crisis in Ireland: A Thought-Provoking Glass Art – WildBird Studio
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