4. The Sunday Special: Populism, Pensions and Pantomime

This week Martin and Tony were joined by panelists Shamim Malekmian of the Dublin Inquirer, Maria Delaney of Noteworthy, Prof Joe Haslam and we had great contributions from the wonderful Anne Marie Quilligan and the fairly okay Kevin Cunningham. Shamim told us about the gap in the legal aid system that is punishing immigrants in an already cruel system, Joe tells us about the reemergence of the Catalan Independence movement and why it distracts from the important issues, Maria discusses the systemic inequalities in our education system that has seen many Traveller teenagers feeling unable to return to school post Covid.

We talk about the latest Anthony Flynn revelations, the upcoming Repeal Review, Populist kite flying, wealthy TD’s and the generation gap. We even get a best case scenario for the German elections. Please support the Dublin Inquirer and Noteworthy. And Get Well Soon, Vicky!

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