140. Unapologetic: A conversation on Irishness, racism, queerness, exclusion & empathy.

This Reboot Republic talks to Sandrine Uwase Ndahiro, an English Ph.D. student in the University of Limerick, co-producer of a documentary entitled Unsilencing Black Voices which details personal stories and accounts by members of the black community in Ireland, and we talk to Gareth Brinn, a Technical Writer based in Limerick and Graduate in Joint Honours (English and Sociology) from the University of Limerick. Gareth also believes in writing as a form of activism having published work for Unsilencing Black Voices. Sandrine and Gareth explain why they set up the new magazine Unapologetic which is about creating a medium that showcases the cultural richness of the multiple heritages defining contemporary Ireland and unrepresented in modern discussion. The discussion covers expression, empathy, Irish identity, LGBTQI+, social class and intersectionality and housing and racism. And how we can create an inclusive, diverse empathetic Ireland.

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