492. Mick Clifford on Bogus Self Employment

In advance of Martin’s appearance at the Public Accounts Committee, the Irish Examiners’s Mick Clifford co-hosts with Tony in this podcast discussing bogus self employment. Martin, who has pursued the issue of bogus self employment for more than 20 years, is our guest. We discuss the letter from the Revenue Commissioners to the Public Accounts Committee confirming that Revenue have been labeling all couriers as self-employed since 1995 based on a ‘Test Case’ from the Social Welfare Appeals Office.

Mick addresses bogus self employment in the construction sector and workers in the gig economy. With an estimated cost of €1 billion per annum to the exchequer and rulings from across the EU in relation to workers in the gig economy, there is no doubt that this issue is firmly on the agenda.

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