533. Housing Insecurity with Mary Coogan & Mark O’Halloran

The sale of 170 houses to an Investment Fund has sparked a conversation amongst the public that listeners of the shack will have been having for several years. But what does Generation Rent and the Locked-out Generation really mean?

To discuss this we were joined in the Tortoise Shack by activist and long-time friend of the pod, Mary Coogan and Actor and Writer, Mark O’Hallorhan. Mary outlines the ordeal she had as a single woman in getting mortgage approval, only to find that there are no homes available in her price range. Mark talks about how he, as a renter, faces the prospect of having to work forever with no security of tenure or prospect of a rent based on his income.

They both share their stories, fears, hopes and solutions. This is a fantastic insight into cohorts that don’t fit the ‘nuclear family’ and as you’d imagine, packed with heart. Give it a listen.

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