631. Exclusive – Prison Officer Whistle Blower Noel McGree on CCTV in Prisons

Longtime listeners will remember Noel McGree for blowing the whistle within the Irish Prison Service, only to pay with the loss of his career and ability to support his family. Noel rejoined us to discuss the story about the mistreatment of female visitors to prisons, that first came to light in the Irish Examiner by Aoife Moore in July of this year. He tells us how CCTV was misused to look into nearby bedrooms and how some Prison Officers would use a code word to notify others that they’d manipulated a situation where they could watch a female visitor remove their underwear simply for the thrill.

Noel also explains how he contacted Taoiseach, Micheal Martin, at the time of Aofie Moore’s story, to offer his help, but was not taken up on same.

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