686. Trans Rights Are Human Rights

(note, this was recorded on Saturday Nov 27th for tortoise shack members) On Saturday a small anti-Trans protest took place in Dublin, in what looks like a continuation of a tiny section of the country intent on importing UK/US style culture wars to Ireland.

Rather than dwell on their nonsense, we decided to talk with activist, Community Development Officer with TENI and friend of the shack, Lilith Ferreyra-Carroll. We discuss the real crisis facing Trans people when trying to access healthcare, the fact that ‘coming out’ as Trans can make you fell like less of a person and more like a case study, and the barriers the State put in front of people who just want to live as themselves.

We also chat, thankfully, how Ireland, despite the some mainstream elements rushing to embrace it, is not like the US or UK when it comes to these divisive voices. Many thanks to Lilith for joining us on what was a difficult day. Solidarity.

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