701. Our 2021 Review – Plus Your Messages: Part 1

We decided to run our eye over the year and breakdown some of the best stories, actions, people, activists and everything in between. In this, part one, you’ll get our Person of the Year, Achievement of the Year, Lowlight of the Year and Story of the Year.

You’ll also hear from comedian Killian Sundermann, self-described education rent-a-gob, (the brilliant) Ciara Reilly, actor and writer, Noelle Brown, ISAG’s and TCD’s Prof. Tómas Ryan, actor, writer and comedian, Tara Flynn, Tortoise Shack Royalty, Emma DeSouza, Longford Mayor, Uruemu Adejinmi and Mr Polls himself, Harry McEvansoneya. Stay tuned to the end for a special message for tour guide Craig, aka Scottish Comedian, Eleanor Morton.

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