773. Latest from Kyiv with Lesia Vasylenko

Earlier this morning I spoke with Ukrainian MP, Lesia Vasylenko, who has recently returned to Kyiv. She describes the relative calm in parts of the city and what those who remain are bracing themselves for. She talks about the need for “boots on the ground” perhaps in the form of an International Peace Keeper force that will keep Green Corridors open for the millions of displaced people and she talks about passionately about the Leaders of the “Free World” sending all the wrong messages to autocratic regimes.

Links: The Halina Niec Law Centre provides legal support to people of colour evacuated from Ukraine. They are not a subject to the Temporary Protection Status so they often end up in immigration detention Centrum Pomocy Prawnej im. (pomocprawna.org)

The Avalon Foundations is providing specialiesd support in evacuating refugees with disabilities. Their fundraising platform is in Polish only
Zbiórka na Centrum Pomocy Uchodźcom z Niepełnosprawnościami – Helpuj.pl

The Polish Humanitarian Action is going to start issuing debit cards with funds to refugees from Ukraine Donate – Polska Akcja Humanitarna (pah.org.pl)

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