825. The Supply Guy, Sean Keyes

Social media is often neither and it’s fair to say that my interactions with Finance Correspondent with the Currency, Seán Keyes, have been a little turbulent. But Seán was happy to come over to the tortoise shack and have that “supply guy” chat away from the bubble.
We discuss why he believes in Build to Rent as a viable housing model, his dislike of the planning system and why active urbanism gets him a bit heated. We talk about the market led housing and ask why it is outperforming affordable and social housing to the point where despite building increasing by almost 50% there’s less homes available to purchase now than in 2017.
We also look at the funds, the taxes they pay and the incredible returns they make. I’m not sure we resolved much, but I really appreciate Seán coming over and I hope to talk to him again.
Conflict with a small c.
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