839. Roe v Wade – Repealed & Lessons from Ireland

We watched with sadness as the US Supreme Court overturned Roe and Casey last week. But we weren’t without hope. Joining us to discuss what it means, the lessons grassroots activists have learned and where the hope is are former Socialist Party TD and ROSA cofounder, Ruth Coppinger, academic, activist and Author of Repealed, Dr Camilla Fitzsimons and activist and researcher on reproductive health, Dr Lorraine Grimes. A really informative and (dare we say) hopeful listen!
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Further reading from the podcast:https://www.amalwomenirl.com/projects/a-mother-is-born-too-research/
And https://www.camillafitzsimons.com/post/overturning-roe-lessons-from-ireland-on-how-to-fight-back

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