888. Just Collect the Taxes!

The Government announced their plans for a flexible retirement age and for years now we’ve read or heard about the tick, tick, ticking of a pensions time-bomb. Then we witnessed Tánaiste Leo Varadkar, dismissing the expert Commission on Taxation, let’s just say that many eyebrows were raised. A Government preaching for less taxation, while looking to extend the working life? Something doesn’t add up.
Joining us to make sense of the convenient narrative is economist with NERI, Ciaran Nugent. He talks about the €8bn gap between Ireland and equivalent countries when it comes to collecting the taxes that should be pouring into the pension pot. We don’t have a pension time-bomb. We have a failure to collect the taxes ordinarily payed by certain sectors of the economy.
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  1. after all,, its possibly all quickly boils down to consentual slavery ,, is there no alternative ever explored- discussed , other than the usual:, born reared educated to feed an ideology, where most are sold the deception of the common good narrative. all be it, a very well thought out sophisticated nonsense, that generally only works for the few…,… wherein you’ve so many rights that cant be clearly listed..(enumerated), but what youre told, all are given/governed/dictated/overseen , by your betters/legacy institutions ( which are in fact outside of state control) , with no recourse /avenue to hold any individual / authority /body accountable ….. you may ask what is the disclaimer, the scam, the deception …. i.e. the individual rights are subservient to that of the group./collective, …… its such a waste of any man/womans life true path/goal , (hidden in plain sight) , as to getting to the truth of life …. …….., To consider after a life of funding the IDEOLOGY ,, youve got, to go a begging for a pittance, , for the get out date youve no call on……….what instead of expecting benefits-privilege’s , accepting individual responsibility , and educating the children on how in fact the real ways of the world, as opposed to the system of indoctrination to work in the ideology, we as a nation find our selves bound too.

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