9. Gaza: Stopping the Weapons of War

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Elbit Systems, Israel’s leading weapon manufacturing, is playing a major role in the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Huda Ammori, a co-founder of the Palestine Action Group spoke to PalCast co-hosts about the role of Israeli firm in the genocide in Gaza, campaigns against Elbit; successes and failures.
Ammori, who is facing court cases because of her activism, argues that Elbit Systems, an arm of the Israeli state, should not be allowed to operate in the UK, which claims to have strict criteria for arms exports. From drones to the navy, Elbit Systems continue to kill Palestinians and campaigns against it just expand. Learn more about Elbit Systems in this PalCast episode with Yousef Aljamal, Helena Cobban and Tony Groves.
Helena also brilliantly breaks down the Iran attack on Israel.
Music by Martin Leahy.
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