918. Healthcare Should Be Based On Need, Not Ability to Pay

You may have seen a video I posted on twitter where economist, David McWilliams, said that Ireland doesn’t need an NHS as our two-tier system does a good job of quickly seeing those who can afford to pay and that this frees up room for the less well off. Needless to say, I disagree.
Joining me to discuss this is Consultant Geriatrician in the Mater Hospital, Colm Byrne. He outlines he’s belief that healthcare based on need and not ability to pay is both the most humane and economically sensible model. We discuss the fact that Private Healthcare is unprofitable and relies on the Public System to cover it’s losses via cherry-picking procedures they can charge more for. We also discuss a realistic timeline for implementing Slaintecare under the current government and under one who was actually serious about levelling the field.
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