943. Is Tax Avoidance Ireland’s ‘Natural Resource’?

In November, Ireland took in almost as much corporation tax as it did in the entire year of 2015. Many paint this as a success story where everyone is a winner. But it’s not as simple as that. Bizarrely much of our success is built on the type of creative accounting that means Ireland is the single largest export market for U.S. software, while we don’t actually manufacture most of it.
Rejoining us on the podcast to discuss how it all works is economics lecturer and author of Tax Haven Ireland, Brian O’Boyle. We look at tech and pharma and the price paid by citizens elsewhere for Ireland’s hugely successful on-shoring of Intellectual Property. We also look at what it means for those within those industries and the tax servicing industry versus the rest of the country.
Sounds a bit heavy? It’s not. Brian breaks it down. A great listen.
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