95. Housing Shock 2 with Laoise Neylon

This is the second episode of Housing Shock – the regular side-series of Reboot Republic that discusses the big housing issues. This week Rory discusses the latest housing in the media with Laoise Neylon, reporter with the Dublin Inquirer.

They discuss housing affordability, mortgage debt and the shared equity scheme, the lobbying by investor funds for a leasing scheme in affordable housing, asking who gains from this, and the unsustainability of the current build to rent investor lead housing market. Laoise talks about her investigation of the impact of the privatisation of homeless accommodation provision, the lack of oversight and standards, how the state is failing in its duty to vulnerable homeless people in this outsourcing of social care.

They also discuss rising rents and how HAP recipients are being pushed deeper into poverty because they have to pay top ups to landlords, yet are taken off housing waiting lists. HAP is not social housing and is resulting in child poverty. Thank you for listening, and please recommend us. We need your help as well. Visit patreon.com/tortoiseshack

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