98. Public Health, Vaccines, Quarantine & Beating COVID with Prof Anthony Staines

This is a combined Reboot Republic & Echo Chamber podcast where Rory & Martin talk to Professor Anthony Staines of DCU, and the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group about the Government’s latest ‘Living with COVID’ Plan. Anthony talks about the inadequacies of the plan, the need to adequately resource public health, provide supports for people to isolate, and why we have no statutory sick pay, and he talks about the potential hope but also challenges in the vaccination plan, and agrees with prioritisation of those working in high exposure areas such as teachers, SNAs, and carers.

Anthony highlights the huge economic and social cost of failing to have a proper strategy and plan for Zero Covid. We also discuss the inequalities exacerbated in the pandemic, the two tier health system, and the failure of government to be brave enough to push for a real Zero Covid strategy and substantial change.

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