99. Housing Shock #4: Orla Hegarty and Affordable Homes

In this episode 4 of Housing Shock I talk to Orla Hegarty, of the UCD School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy, about the housing market and how to provide affordable, quality and sustainable homes for individuals, families and communities. We discuss the potential supply from vacant and derelict properties, and the short and long term problems with ‘build to rent’ housing.

Orla explains that ‘we’ve done this before and we can do it again’ – that while the States current investor lead approach to developing public land and leasing social housing is very poor value for money, but that the Irish state built affordable quality homes in the past and it can do it again, if it supports cooperatives, housing associations and local authorities to build genuinely affordable housing rather than focusing on incentivising a ‘sweet’ market for investors.

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