A New Way Forward with John Gibbons

A future of ecofascism and climate catastrophe or build a better future for all?

The climate catastrophe and neoliberal capitalism is taking us on a highway to hell; hope is not a strategy and we need to see real action. But how can we get it?
In this Reboot Republic, we talk to John Gibbons , environmental journalist about the climate catastrophe facing us, the need for systemic change, communicating ideas, and how we can address inequality and climate to build a better world. Neoliberalism was a terrible idea and failed, but we need to replace it by reducing inequality and a more humble, fulfilling, inclusive way of living.
From climate change – disruption, climate refugees, there is a need to reimagine how we go forward – there is a battle for a better future –where there are two possible futures -bulding a better future for equality and climate – a smaller humble future or eco fascism chaos and collapse.
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