Challenging Racism with Dr Lucy Michael

This Reboot Republic talks to Dr Lucy Michael, who is an independent researcher in the area of equality and integration, a spokesperson for Fingal Communities Against Racism, author (with Bryan Fanning) of Immigrants as Outsiders in the Two Irelands (MUP, 2019), and a Commission Member on the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission.

We talk about how Fingal Communities Against Racism campaigned against deportations, challenged racism and the rise of the far right in the recent elections, the way in which the housing crisis as an issue to foment racism and division, the dehumanising of migrants and asylum seekers, the role of Government and the state such as Michael McDowell’s 2004 citizenship referendum in contributing to racism, what people can do to promote a genuinely welcoming Ireland, everyday anti-racism, and we chat about Lucy’s experience of toxic academia and motivations for social justice and equality.

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