ConverSayTrans with Fiona Leigh

Joining Jules and Alexandra in this episode of ConverSayTrans is Fiona Leigh, a singer, actor and writer. Who is a part of the trans writers union, who are currently boycotting The Irish Times.

Having come back to Ireland just before Covid hit, this self described Gen Xer tells us about her memoir that is she hoping to find a publisher for about her time in Japan realising that she was trans. Her musical exploits as the singer in a punk band, her adoring male fans, her inspiration in music, Courtney Love, especially in her Hole era (the band!) In Japan, as she was exploring her identity and singing through the night, she was an English teacher in a school. Fiona lets us into deep parts of her life such as the tumultuous relationship between her parents, the true love of her life, and how she medically transitioned.

Coming home to Ireland at this time can be incredible isolating with the past restrictions and being told to limit your social contacts, but Fiona has found a place in her local charity shop where the seller adored her blonde locks and punk aesthetic, of course she’s now apart of the trans writers union and contacting with members of the community that way.

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