Coronavirus: Test, Test, Test with Dr Paul O’Brien

As the EU begins to takes extraordinary steps to slow the spread of Covid-19, we discuss events of the day at home and across the globe. Then we are joined by Dr Paul O’Brien, who completed his medical training in China and works as a China Policy analyst, to discuss what steps were effective in tackling the outbreak and how widespread testing, technology and contact tracing can help speed up the process of getting it under control.

This is a great listen and insight into the levers those in power need to be pulling on to slow the spread.

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  1. Irish Times article China-based Corkman in the right place at the right time for Ireland calls for making sure there is a green jersey reserved for O’Brien.

    Cianan Brennan’s latest article on the Roqu ventilators story exposes O’Brien as being involved.

    Listening to your podcast makes one wonder if we spent 14 on bullshit venty’s from ALIBABA.

    In the same article another Corkman, Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin(father of the HSE) was said to have been brought in to lend “gravitas” and help nail deals for the supply of equipment.

    Love your work, would appreciate a donate button or other form of payment that does not involve the middle man taking so much.

    Looking forward to the covid19 stipped jersey awards.

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